31 Jul 2009

The Coffee Map: Hietasaari - Pajusaari islands, camp site and rowing routes, Pajusaarenselkä, Lake Saimaa, Taipalsaari, Finland,  pencil, dark roasted coffee.  Jussi Kivi 1997

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29 Jul 2009

Meiko (Dorgarn), Kirkkonummi, Finland
" The German romantic artist Oliver Kochta is photographing waterfall in Meiko woods"
End of april 1999, (photo: J.K.) Backwoods & Wilderness archives Nr. 35

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T. Kontinen RGS member of honour, photographed in the wild light of sunset
Repokaira Wilderness, Inari, Lappland
Wilderness & Backwoods archive Nr.  107 (photo: JK)

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Meiko, Kirkkonummi, Finland
 The official first of may camp in Meiko woods 
Backwoods & Wilderness archive Nr. 57 (Photo: JK. 2000)

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Elimyssalo, old camp site in the vicinity of Saunaniemi, 1990
Wilderness & Backwoods dept. Nr. 2

Elimyssalo, camp site in the morning, near by Saunaniemi, Kuhmo, Finland 1990
Wilderness & Backwood dept. Nr. 3 (photos: J.Kivi) 

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Salamanperä, Koirajärvi ( The Dog Lake) 1977

Wilderness & Backwoods photo archive Nr. 6

28 Jul 2009

Report from the RGS & SEG conference 2008

Next morning walk trought the bushes

The Late night presentation session

  The Jamal Peninsula botanic presentation  

The Openinig ceremonies at rock table, the official RGS meeting place in Vartiosaari island, Finland.

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Explorations in a Completed World
First Joint World Conference and Summer Seminar of the Romantic
Geographic Society (R.G.S.) and the School of Esoteric Geography (S.E.G.)

Vartiosaari Island, Helsinki, Finland, august, 2008

The seminar was a perfect succes.  The program started at afternoon and continued until 2am. and then it was time for sauna. We heard several intensive an exciting presentations from passionate amateurs and professional researchers; artists, photographers , writers, explorers and intruders, geographist, botanists, archaeologists etc.

Program consisted following topics:
Presentations of the activities and philosophy of both Romantic Geography and Esoteric geography, Urban exploration in Finland and Baltic states, Botanic research in Jamal Peninsula, Fortress and bunker archaelogy,  Borderland business  in Africa, Photographic documentation of wastelands and chancing landscapes in between,  Expeditions in the Finnish Archipelago etc.  

(photos: Tellervo Kalleinen)

A short visual report of the conference by Stalkers  (LINK)

27 Jul 2009

Jussi Kivi

Sights of East-Helsinki part 1;  Mustavuori and Vuosaari wasteland (former dump).


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25 Jul 2009

Cave survey, Korppivuori cave, Pesolansaari, Finland 
pencil  J. Kivi, 1996-97

EXHIBITIONS 2005 -2008

Department for Studies of Unusual Light Phenomena (detail)
The Mystery of Professor Lemström - A Northern light Project by Oliver Kochta - Kalleinen

"Supernaturalism 2", Momentum - 4th Nordic Festival of  Contemporary Art, 
Moss, Norway 2006

Front: Samples from the RGS collection of romantic objects
Background: Materials from RGS underground departments 
( cave research dept & department of subterranean landscapes)

Samples from RGS backwoods & wilderness department photo archive

RGS Collection in the exhibition: 
 "Friction and Conflicts", Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden 2008
(Propaganda dept.  J.Kivi, O.Kohta-Kalleinen)

Installation view (detail)

Samples from the RGS collection of romantic objects

Wilderness & Backwoods photo archive (detail)

"Supernaturalism 2", Momentum - 4th Nordic Festival of  Contemporary Art, 
Moss, Norway 2006 (J.Kivi, O. Kochta-Kalleinen)

"Lemström museum", Department of strange light phenomenon, (northern light project by O.Kochta-Kalleinen)

Installation view (detail)

Supernaturalism I 
 Lönnström museum, Rauma, Finland 2005
RGS propaganda department: Jussi Kivi, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Tero Kontinen

24 Jul 2009

Crossing the great swamp, Repoaapa, Sompio, Finland  1981
RGS/ Backwoods & Wilderness archive nr.81 (J.Kivi)

Pihlajavesi, Saimaa lake district, Finland,  rowing routes and camp sites 
watercolour, ink, RGS mapping dept. / outdoor investigations department  
 (Jussi Kivi 2005)

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The Geese hunters plastic tee-pee, Martimoaapa marshlands, Autumn 1984
Rgs Wilderness & Backwoods archives Nr.7 / Outdoor investigations department / Documentation dept. (photo: J. Kivi)

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Pötsönpuro Camp in moonshine, November 1990
Text: General description of the campsite near Pötsönpuro creek in dark spruce forest in the north side of Jeremiaanrasi in Elimyssalo backwoods, Kuhmo, Finland, RGS wilderness & backwoods dept. / Hiking and wandering department 1997 (JK)

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Landscape study, Dorgarn, Kirkkonummi, Finland, 
profile from west south west  to east north east, forest, small open swamps, swampy forest, low rocky dry pine woods, two small lakes, old camp sites
scale 1:1000, pencil on millimeter paper, Jussi Kivi 1997

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23 Jul 2009

Jussi Kivi

MEIKO - LAPPTRÄSK - DORGARN  The Uninhabited Areas of Finland part 12.
Field studies 1977-  The map: 1992-97 watercolour, ink 100 x 70 cm

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Jussi Kivi

Vuosaari wall, Helsinki, april 2007
photo 78 x 118 cm

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Cave 1222, Kivikko, Helsinki, ground plan and profiles
JK 2003-2005

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Cave dept. 
Profile Sketches, cave 1245, "Theater", Kivikko, Helsinki

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F o r e s t   o n   a   m o v e  
Landscape dept. photo: Jussi Kivi 2003
Dedicated to Max Ernst

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Jussi Kivi: Cross-section of a natural cave

Korppivuori, Pesolansaari Island, Finland
Scraped on photographic paper, 1996

Handwritten markings (translation from finnish): "The scale, Korppivuori, upper cave, cross-section of a cave, camp fire site, entrance."

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RGS/Wilderness & backwoods archives nr.54.
 Mysterious abandoned lean to camp in Hammastunturi Wilderness.
Following things were found from the camp:
Camping matress, pullower (wool), Camel boots (in good condition), 
snowspate, kettle, spoon, knife, FOOD: severeal bags instant soup etc. 
dry dog food, hair schampoo, soap
Photo: JK. sept 1998 

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RGS/Wilderness & backwoods archives nr. 18  
Kirakkajärvi, Hammastunturi Wilds, Inari, Finland,  September 1994

21 Jul 2009

Mapping Dept. Three Lakes With Surroundings, Vihti, Espoo, The Uninhabited Areas of Finland  (Drawing: Jussi Kivi 1992).

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