7 Aug 2011

Jussi Kivi

Entrances I - topographical studies of light and shadow
Funnel quarry, north end seen from south
pencil 32 x 24 cm  2011

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6 Aug 2011

Jussi Kivi: Tartaros, tunnels and deep giant stopes, map of level +80

ink on black paper 40 x 48 cm,  2011
(latin translation: Reijo Pitkäranta) 

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3 Aug 2011

III. Joint World Conference - MEETING OF THE GHOSTS

Organised by Romantic Geographic Society ( R.G.S.) and The School of Esoteric Geography (S.E.G)  ETC.  Helsinki, Finland 12.3.2011

Group shot of the participants in the map room

High level conversations during the break

Presentations and lectures were followed intensively at all levels

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Conference summary in finnish - link to the blog of The School of Esoteric Geograhpy

2 Aug 2011

II. World Conference - OUT OF MAP

II. World Conference organised by Romantic Geographic Society and The School of Esoteric Geography 27 -28 of Feb. 2010 in Suomenlinna fortress-island, Helsinki, Finland.

Group shot of participants at the old execution place
Photo: Veli-Matti Rintala

Link to conference summary in The School of Esoteric Geography blog (in finnish):