28 Jul 2009

Report from the RGS & SEG conference 2008

Next morning walk trought the bushes

The Late night presentation session

  The Jamal Peninsula botanic presentation  

The Openinig ceremonies at rock table, the official RGS meeting place in Vartiosaari island, Finland.

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Explorations in a Completed World
First Joint World Conference and Summer Seminar of the Romantic
Geographic Society (R.G.S.) and the School of Esoteric Geography (S.E.G.)

Vartiosaari Island, Helsinki, Finland, august, 2008

The seminar was a perfect succes.  The program started at afternoon and continued until 2am. and then it was time for sauna. We heard several intensive an exciting presentations from passionate amateurs and professional researchers; artists, photographers , writers, explorers and intruders, geographist, botanists, archaeologists etc.

Program consisted following topics:
Presentations of the activities and philosophy of both Romantic Geography and Esoteric geography, Urban exploration in Finland and Baltic states, Botanic research in Jamal Peninsula, Fortress and bunker archaelogy,  Borderland business  in Africa, Photographic documentation of wastelands and chancing landscapes in between,  Expeditions in the Finnish Archipelago etc.  

(photos: Tellervo Kalleinen)

A short visual report of the conference by Stalkers  (LINK)